The Closest Farthest Away

“Project Por Amor’s The Closest Farthest Away (directed by Chi-wang Yang)is a process-intensive collaboration between Cuban and US theatre artists, filmmakers and musicians. It premiered in 2009 in Havana and 2010 in Miami. The project asks what performance and cinema are capable of beyond the import and export narrative–how they might make a practice of embodying the impossible, the blockaded, the ambiguous distances between. U.S. actors share the stage with video projections of Cuba, hyper-linking bodies and geography; behavior is explicitly occupied with absence and presence, with how individuals cultivate intimacy and courage that their own governments can’t or won’t. The project championed process over message, living deeply inside of unlikelihoods–from multichannel performance in a theatre that hasn’t been touched technologically since the early 1950s, to the extraordinary circumstances behind every visa, to operations continuing thousands of miles apart, often without contact. It’s the kind of process that throws the very premise of “design”–prediction, planning, an attempt to anticipate or urge an outcome–into anarchic fury. It’s a fury that is fundamentally true to the distended mutation of the relationship between these two countries, but by no means compromised in its ability to produce something honest. Can design–adaptive, vigilant, ecstatic, led by the irrational–be an act of citizenship? As our Cuban collaborationists know best, radical disruption and then a vigorous re-constitution can be remarkable raw materials”
– American Theatre Magazine

“…the emerging generation of artists will continue the course for the rest of us to follow.” –Huffington Post 
“The Closest Farthest Away breaks ground artistically, politically, and technologically.” – Miami Herald 
“The single collaborative theatre work between the two countries in decades between 1960 and 2014” – American Theater Magazine