Neon Preservation - Project Por Amor

Neon Preservation

Project Por Amor has partnered with Adolfo Nodal & Kadir Lopez’ Habana Light Neon + Signs to call attention to and help preserve vintage outdoor neon signage in Havana. We have specifically developed a “neon tourism” program to support Habana Light’s citywide effort. We have created full itineraries focused on neon and urban signage in the city and included neon activities in all our other Havana itineraries. When Havana Light opened the Rex Duplex Theater in 2019. PPA helped create and manage the tour operations program and booked just over 1000 ticket paying visitors to the Neon Museum in collaboration with other US and Cuban tour operators during the Habana Bienal 13 and Habana 500, the City’s Quincentennial celebration in the last quarter of 2019. In 2021 and beyond we will continue to support Habana Light’s vintage sign project through our neon and preservation trips.