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Arts production

producing art, music, theater, & film

Project Por Amor was born out of our groundbreaking and award-winning theater collaboration between artists from the US and Cuba that started in 2005. We became leading experts in navigating the complexities of producing artistic exchanges between the two countries. Since then we have produced numerous concert tours, film productions, conferences, screenings, and art opening for U.S. artists in Cuba. Our dynamic team is capable of executing almost any kind of production challenge including visas, permits, local talent, crew, equipment, PR, top venues, festival invitations, and more. See a few of our recent projects below.


Arts Production Services

Project Por Amor specializes in dynamic production design and coordination for navigating complex projects in Cuba and Iceland:

  • Documentary and scripted film production
  • Concert tour production
  • Concert tour production in the U.S. for Cuban and Icelandic artists
  • Music recording (filmscore/soundtracks, albums, and library music)
  • Participation in festivals
  • Conferences & meetings
  • Professional research
  • Artist projects
  • Theater & dance exchanges
  • Fixer services

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